Monday January 22, 2018

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Scientists to build an artificial MAGNETIC SHIELD around Mars to make it habitable AGAIN...

Scientists have come up with an ingenious new way of bringing Mars back to ‘life’. Experts want to create an artificial magnetic field in the orbit between Mars and the Sun in order to protect the planet’s atmosphere and create a more favorable environment for future human explorers. “Perhaps one-seventh of the ancient ocean could return to Mars,” scientists said.

NASA scientists say that even though the red planet had a magnetic field, around 4.2 billion years ago it shut down.

According to scientists, Mars once had an atmosphere very similar to Earth. The slow destruction of our neighbor’s planet atmosphere was caused by “huge rope-like tendrils of magnetic rotations”. The red planet’s once hospitable atmosphere was blown away in the distant past. The process of Mars losing its precious atmosphere most likely occurred over a period of several hundred million years. Scientists speculate that during this time, the red planet was hit by “extreme ultraviolet photons” from the sun. Before this happened, water was most likely abundant on the red planet and it is very likely that life as we know it could have developed on Mars.

It turns that over its long history, the red planet lost around 90 percent of its atmosphere. What remains today is carbon dioxide, while oxygen leaks from Mars’ atmosphere as solar winds strike the planet.

Without a ‘proper’ atmosphere, Mars would remain a dry, cold place where life is unable to exist. This represents the greatest difficulty facing future manned missions – which NASA plans to launch by 2030. Exposure to radiation and danger of dying from asphyxiation will be some of the dangers future Astronauts on Mars will face.

Now, in order to bring the red planet back to ‘life’, a group of scientists led by Dr. Jim Green, director of NASA’s Division of Planetary Science, have presented an ambitious plan. In essence, the proposal is to position a magnetic dipole at the Lagrange L1 point on Mars, generating an artificial “magneto-bridge” that would cover the entire planet and protect it from solar wind and radiation.

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