Tuesday April 25, 2017

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Japan warns citizens they only have 10 minutes to prepare for a North Korean missile...

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Scientists discover new planet most likely place to find aliens...
Russia claims it can wipe out entire US Navy with a single ‘electronic bomb’...
Computer AI lead robots to learn WITHOUT human input...
Scientists fear terrorists could use PLAGUE to kill millions...
Rich Americans seek brain implants to plug into artificial intelligence matrix...
Zika Affect Adult Brains, Too, Study Finds...
Tech billionaires are ‘prepping’ to survive in underground bunkers...
Kim Jong-Un ‘orders IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of Pyongyang’ as tensions with US escalate...
North Korea's Hidden Submarine fleet armed with NUKES...
US Navy Seal Training To Take Out Kim...
US cyber attacks bringing North Korean missiles down...
Stephen Hawking calls for 'world government' only way to save humankind...
Scientists Developing a Contact Lens That Tells You When You're Sick...
Musk To Connect Brains With Computers Download Thoughts...
Robots will take 50% of U.S. jobs within about 10 years, report says...
Nasa Scientists make anti-aging pill...
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Around The World
Trump's first 100 days: A packed agenda, with mixed results
Ivanka Trump Booed For Claiming Donald Trump Is A 'Tremendous Champion' For Women
White House backtracks after Trump opens the door to delaying funding for border wall
U.S., North Korea face off in high-stakes game of chicken
United Airlines passenger David Dao was violent before removal, aviation police say
Nasdaq trades above historic milestone of 6,000 as stock market rallies
Wild boars overrun Islamic State position, kill 3 militants
At the corner of Florence and Normandie, marking causes of L.A. riots: 'It's important to remember what started it'
J. Crew Shakes Up Management, Cuts Jobs in Bid for Profitability
Wells Fargo Board Seen Surviving Close Vote Amid Protests
Will Hedge Fund Millionaires Flee South If They Face Higher Taxes? Wall Street Fights Move To Close Loophole
Russia-linked hackers targeting French election, security firm says
Fitbit logs wife's steps after husband says she died, police say
Trump to sign four executive orders as his 100th day in office approaches
As protests swirl, Oscars have feel of high-stakes showdown
Wildlife secrets revealed with advanced tracking devices
Fed Dots Don't Connect for Bond Traders Scorning Rate-Hike Path
Gabbard quits DNC to back Sanders, after criticizing small debate schedule
Backes, Brodziak lead Blues past Hurricanes, 5-2
Communities strive to be 'dementia-friendly' as Alzheimer's numbers grow
North Korea celebrates as South Korea, US keep watch
Turkey hits Kurdish areas in Iraq's Sinjar, northeast Syria
The Latest: Chinese media warn N. Korea against nuke test
Spain arrests 9 in probe of Brussels attacks
Leading French candidate targeted by group behind DNC hacks, research firm says
More Venezuelans struggle in US as their country implodes
Iraqi troops capture largest neighborhood in western Mosul
'This was real': Artifacts save Holocaust stories for future
Researchers find unique US Declaration of Independence copy
Russia may be aiding Taliban, US general in Afghanistan says
In Mexico, fears a new plant will kill wastewater farming
WATCH: US may expand electronics ban on flights from Europe
WATCH: Acrobat joins Venezuelans staging massive sit-in to protest government
WATCH: The Syrian tour guides of Berlin
WATCH: 'Perfect' viewing conditions for aurora over lake
WATCH: Truck colliding with car caught on dashcam
WATCH: Nikki Haley reacts to French election results
WATCH: Trump speaks to leaders of China and Japan about the North Korea nuclear threat
WATCH: Candidate Marine LePen, often compared to Trump, advances in French election
WATCH: Another American detained in North Korea
Fla. Principal Transferred After Racially Insensitive Email
Russia to Supply Power to Rebel-Controlled Eastern Ukraine
Airman From Texas Struck, Killed by New York City Subway
'Bachelor' Star Chris Soules Jailed After Deadly Iowa Crash
Proposed Hawaii Bill Would Decriminalize Drug Paraphernalia
Tough Court on Immigration Serves as Model for Trump Plans
Judge Sanctioned for Helping Landlord, Ordered to Pay $5,400
Trump Touts Executive Orders He Once Lambasted
World's Last Male Rhino Getting Help From Tinder Dating App
Ohio Police: Dog That Fatally Mauled Man Is Later Shot Dead
Wild Monkey Spotted in Florida Suburb
UN Hosts Aid Conference for Beleaguered Yemen
Panel Recommends Smoke Control Measures for Alaska Borough
Rural Utah School District Offers $80,000 Teaching Salaries
Trudeau Vows to Defend Canada Interests as U.S. Targets Lumber, Canadian Dollar Falls
Death Toll in Venezuela's Political Unrest Rises to at Least 24
Leaders Announce Plan for Drone Port in Eastern Kentucky
Northwestern Suspends Fraternity After Parties, Problems
25 American Fork Homes Evacuated From Hazmat Scene
Google Targets 'Fake News,' Offensive Search Suggestions
China Moves To Increase Number Of Electric Vehicles On Its Roads
North Korea Marks Founding Of Its Military With Artillery Exercise
Trump's First 100 Days: China Policy
News Brief: Border Wall Issue, GOP Health Care, North Korea Anniversary
Mexico Worries That A New Border Wall Will Worsen Flooding
Trump Administration To Impose 20 Percent Tariff On Canadian Lumber
State Department Removes Webpage Featuring Trump's For-Profit Club, Mar-A-Lago
What Fish Is Good For Me And The Planet? New Documentary Explores
Recently Discovered Telegram Reveals Evidence For Armenian Genocide
Writer Recalls Undergoing Female Genital Mutilation In The U.S.
As Tensions Rise, Experts Question Threat Level Posed By North Korea
French Presidential Election Serves As Test Of Liberal Democracy
French Voters Embrace Outsiders In First Round Of Presidential Election
U.S. Announces Sanctions On 271 Syrians Over April 4 Chemical Attack
Top Afghan Defense Officials Resign After Attack Kills More Than 100 Troops
S&P 500
FTSE 100
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