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›  This Teen Made His Little Sister?s Disney Princess Dreams Come True

You don’t need a fairy godmother to make your dreams come true ? just a brother as cool as 13-year-old Anthony Angel. 

In Facebook post shared on the page Love What Matters on Wednesday, Anthony’s mom Christina said that the preteen asked her to purchase a Prince Charming costume so that he could surprise his sister Anabel, 5, with a princess photo shoot.

The photos, taken by Christina, are Disney-level magical

Big brother of the year award status right here:

In an interview with HuffPost, Christina said her little girl was over-the-moon happy when Anthony came out in his Prince Charming outfit, which they found on Amazon. 

“Anabel was elated. She giggled the whole time,” said Christina, who lives in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area with her kids. “She loved every second and you could see it written all over her face.”

Anthony and Anabel are going to have some sweet #throwbackthursday posts one day. 

See the full Love What Matters post below: 

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›  Michael Mantenuto, Star Of Disney's 'Miracle,' Dead At 35

Actor and hockey player Michael Mantenuto, best known for his role in Disney’s 2004 sports drama “Miracle,” has died. He was 35. 

Mantenuto was found in his car by police after reportedly sustaining a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Monday afternoon in Des Moines, Washington, according to TMZ. Seattle’s King County medical examiner’s office told People that Mantenuto took his own life. 

Mantenuto, a former University of Maine hockey player, got his big break playing the real-life figure Jack O’Callahan in “Miracle,” which depicts the events surrounding 1980 Winter Olympics. O’Callahan was part of the winning American hockey team that unexpectedly bested the Soviet Union in a game that became known as the “Miracle on Ice.”

After the sports drama hit theaters, Mantenuto went on to appear in the 2006 TV movie “Dirtbags” and 2008’s “Surfer, Dude.” However, he later left Hollywood to enlist in the Army. 

Col. Guillaume “Will” Beaurpere of the U.S. Army’s 1st Special Forces Group announced Mantenuto’s death in a news release.

“Those of you that knew Mike will remember him for his passionate love for his family and his commitment to the health of the force,” he said. 

Mantenuto is survived by his wife and his two children, as well as his father and three sisters. 

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›  John Legend Adorably Gushes Over Fatherhood

John Legend is loving fatherhood.

Appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday, the singer gushed over his 1-year-old daughter, Luna.

“It’s a different kind of love. It’s very pure. It’s unconditional,” he said. “But they haven’t earned it yet. They didn’t do anything. They just exist,” he joked.

When Colbert asked Legend about the the first time he held Luna, the artist got sentimental.

“It’s beautiful, it’s very emotional, and it brings you and your wife closer together,” he said. “It’s a very powerful feeling to see the product of your love right there in front of you.”

Happy birthday, Luna Simone!

A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

Since becoming parents last April, Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, have been very open about their wild ride.

During his “Late Show” appearance, the dad spoke about how having a child changed their perspective on their own parents and how much they loved them. 

“Chrissy says, ‘If (our children) don’t want to come have dinner with us when we’re old and they don’t want to hang out or call us, I’m gonna be so sad,’” he said. “We put so much love into this.”

During the show, Legend also did a segment called “John Legend Makes Mundane Things Sound Sexy,” in which he sang about everyday tasks that parents know all too well ? like doing laundry and going to Costco. And of course, made them sound sexy.

John Legend is totally ... legendary. 

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›  You Need To Watch This Toddler Reenact 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Intro

A Georgia photographer made her 2-year-old son’s birthday memorable by turning him into a mini “Fresh Prince.”

On April 14, Neshaszda Wright of Neshaszda Z Photography filmed a video of her son, Princeton Wright, dressed as Will Smith’s character from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and helped him reenact the show’s intro. She shared the video on Facebook on April 15, which was Princeton’s second birthday. 

In his reenactment, little Princeton channels Smith by getting into trouble with some spray paint, shooting some hoops (with a toddler-sized basketball) and catching a cab after his mom, adorably played by Wright’s niece, sends him away.

Wright told HuffPost she came up with the idea six months before Princeton’s birthday. 

“As I was approaching his big day I wanted to think of something fun and unique to do that matched his name and bingo!” she said. “A light bulb went off and I said, ‘Let’s do ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!’”

To make sure Princeton looked like (fresh) royalty, she mimicked Smith’s outfit from the show’s intro and bought a green striped T-shirt and blue shorts from Walmart and a yellow hat from Michael’s.

Wright said that during the video shoot, Princeton was having “the time of his life.”

“He loves taking pictures and videos so he was in his element,” she said. “In the first scene when he was spinning in the chair he was having a blast spinning around in the sun. In the second scene when he was spray painting the paper, he really enjoyed that because he really enjoys drawing.”

He especially enjoyed riding in the taxi for the end of the video. 

Wright said she would love for the video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times on Wright’s Facebook profile, to make it to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” She also has one other person in mind whom she hopes will see the video. 

“Hopefully one day Will Smith will see this video and know that his legacy still lives on,” she said. 

The HuffPost Parents newsletter, So You Want To Raise A Feminist, offers the latest stories and news in progressive parenting. 

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›  Cynthia Nixon Clarifies Why She Once Said Her Sexuality Was A 'Choice'

Cynthia Nixon is super busy. She’s starring on Broadway, alternating lead roles with Laura Linney in Lillian Hellman’s 1939 play “The Little Foxes,” for which she’s getting a torrent of rave reviews. She’s on movie screens across the country, too, as the 19th century poet Emily Dickinson in Terrence Davies’ brilliant biopic, “A Quiet Passion,” which is also earning her stunning accolades

And Nixon has plunged herself full force into the resistance movement against President Donald Trump, speaking at the Women’s March in New York in January and lending her voice whenever she can. She’s striking an empowering and hopeful note for those who were shocked and horrified by Trump’s election.

“It’s very daunting, but I think it’s really important to be in full possession of what victories we’ve had, because we’ve had quite a few,” she told me in an interview on SiriusXM Progress this week. “And certainly the triumph of our judicial system, and blocking the Muslim ban. And it’s not just our judicial system. It’s also people all over this country standing up and saying, ‘Absolutely not. This goes against everything we believe in this country. No! Not here! Not here!’ I think standing up and rejecting the repeal of Obamacare. That has to do with the people in our Senate and our Congress but that mostly has to do with people all over the country and screaming, ‘No!’”

Nixon, who said she was raised with politically-conscious parents and has been political since she was a child actor, became even more active after becoming involved with her wife of four years, Christine Marinoni, an education reformer. And she looks to the past for inspiration.

“I think what’s happening in these town halls is extraordinary,” she explained. “We look back on something like the 1960s and we say, ‘Wow, wasn’t it great?’ People were all so involved.’ Well, I was only two in 1968, but I’m sure it didn’t feel like that. I’m sure it felt like: Our world is ending. But look at all the movements. Look at the women’s rights movement. Look at the black power movement. Look at the queer movement, the LGBT movement, that came out of that...You think, ‘This is the worst thing possible,’ but you can turn the boat around. You really can.”

Nixon, who was in a long-term relationship with schoolteacher Danny Moses until 2003, caused a bit of a kerfuffle in the queer world a few years back. In explaining her new, intimate relationship with a woman after having lived with a man for many years, she stated that her sexual orientation is “a choice.” LGBTQ activists criticized her for what they saw as right-wing framing of sexual orientation and kept the controversy going. She finally identified as “bisexual.” 

“I didn’t really identify as bisexual,” she said, “but people were so insistent that I pick a ? you know, it caused a huge controversy and everyone wanted to graft on to me this narrative ? [that] I felt that I had just simply been mistaken about myself for all these years and finally the veil was lifted and I was a lesbian. And that was not true.”

She believes the same thing about Emily Dickinson, whom she embodies in “A Quiet Passion.” Responding to a question about the long-time speculation that the acclaimed poet was either lesbian or bisexual, Nixon responded, “I do think she was [bisexual.] It’s so hard for us 150 years later to really get tone right.”

She explained that she’d read the letters between Dickinson and Dickinson’s sister-in-law, Susan Gilbert (whom Dickinson knew before Gilbert married her brother, Austin), long before the film.

“It seemed like there was a love affair there,” she explained. “And way before I did this film, I read the letters between them, ‘Open Me Carefully,’ which are really erotic, some of them, and are really hard to read as anything other than a female romance. But again, it’s hard for us to know and people were so full of adoration for friends back then, that it’s really hard to tell. But it seems to me there was tremendous fighting and jealousy and seems to me Emily had a plan, a hope at least, that she and Susan would live together and spend their lives together. And then it all broke up.”

It was, however, even more complicated than that, Nixon said.

“I do think it seems very clear that whatever the nature of that relationship was, that Emily had passionate love affairs with men as well, and again whether those had a physical component or they were a love from afar, it’s very hard for us to to know,” she said. “But certainly I think the ardor was there with Susan and with certainly one other man, probably three men she was in love with.”

Nixon said she was taken with how Dickinson would wrap her poems in very ornate gift boxes with dried flowers when presenting them to people. But the poet apparently refused to put her own sexuality in a box. Just like Cynthia Nixon.

Follow Michelangelo Signorile on Twitter:  

 Welcome to Battleground, where art and activism meet.

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›  Refusing To Call 'The Handmaid's Tale' A Feminist Story Does Us A Disservice

Trigger warning: this post contains discussion about rape, sexual abuse and mistreatment of women.

She’s special. She’s a princess. She has magic powers. She’s fertile. She has something they want and she’s locked up.

Women in captivity fascinate us. In ratios somewhat disproportionate to real life, subjugated women drive the plotlines of movies and television. Browse lists of the most acclaimed and most popular entertainment and you will surely find the theme of the caged woman. Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, Ma in Room — heck, even little Eleven from Stranger Things fits the profile.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, yet again, a woman imprisoned, this time by an oppressive and religious government, is the protagonist in the brilliantly-crafted offering from Hulu, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Like a good feminist, I read Margaret Atwood’s chilling novel. Truth be told, the book disturbed me so much that I couldn’t finish it. I found the story bleak enough that I abandoned it just before the last 30 pages and read the Wikipedia plot summary to find out the ending.

Being kidnapped, held against my will and raped is one of my strongest fears. I consider this fear nearly every single day, certainly every time I’m returning home late at night. Why? Because I have to. Because I was raped. Because I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Because as women in this world, my fears aren’t irrational; they are real threats.

It’s been stated extensively in the coverage of this series that the very reason The Handmaid’s Tale is so eerie is its plausibility. The circumstances seem familiar because they are familiar. We live in a patriarchal society. Women are currently enslaved, worldwide. A notorious abuser of women is the leader of our country. It isn’t unimaginable that we could return to a time in which all American women are treated as chattel, traded, controlled. In fact, part of the tale’s effectiveness is that it reminds you how little time we’ve actually been “free” and how, in many ways, we take our rights for granted — as if freedom, once won, need never be fought for again.

I found it unnerving when I read that the cast, and even the producers, were diluting the message about female oppression. “I don’t feel like it’s a male or female story; it’s a survival story,” said showrunner Bruce Miller. Bullshit, I say. The show’s lead, Elisabeth Moss, told Vanity Fair that, in her opinion, the show is “not a feminist story.” She justified her statement saying, “It’s a human story, because women’s rights are human rights.” But she’s not quite right is she?

Hillary Clinton and other women use the phrase “Women’s rights are human rights” as a rallying cry for a reason; declaring our equality loud and proud isn’t stating the obvious — it is an attempt to point out the injustice women currently face. For similar reasons activists yell, “Black Lives Matter!” These social movements call out the gaslighting to which we are subjected. Women’s rights are under attack. Black people are not treated equally. We march and scream because we know that oppression is real — even if those in power swear and up and down that it isn’t.

So, why are female characters always being locked up? That’s a question I’ll discuss in my next column, which explores the fear of female sexuality.

I’ll be blogging about The Handmaid’s Tale each week. See you next Thursday, and until then, I’ll meet you on Twitter.

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›  Ed Sheeran Is 'In Love With Your Body' But These Guys Know You're So Much More

We’re sure Ed Sheeran’s a nice guy, but his song “Shape of You” is very concerned about the physical aspects of a woman’s body. What about her mind, Ed? What about the way she treats her grandparents?

Jeff and Dave from The Mystery Hour think women have more important attributes than how they look.

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›  George Takei Reacts To Donald Trump's 100 Days Just For Samantha Bee

George Takei has never hid his contempt for President Donald Trump, so why stop now?

In a promo tweeted Thursday for a Trump roast on “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” the “Star Trek” veteran remarked on a milestone that many Americans would rather forget: “It’s almost been 100 days and Donald Trump is still president? Oh my f**king God.” Takei repeats it in case you miss it the first time. Watch below.

Keep going boldly where no activist has gone before, Sulu.

Full Frontal’s Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, airing Saturday on TBS, is intended as a political mockathon and celebration of a free press on the same night as the traditional White House Correspondents Dinner

The president will be not be seen at either event.

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›  Bill Nye Uses Ice Cream To Show How Ridiculous Gay Conversion Therapy Is

Bill Nye the Science Guy has no time for so-called gay conversion therapy

On an episode of his Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” the 61-year-old science educator blasted the conservative Christian belief that LGBTQ people can be “cured” of their sexuality by using ice cream flavors as an analogy. The hilarious clip, which can be viewed above, depicts an “ice cream conversation therapy” meeting in which a vanilla cone attempts to “convert” strawberry, chocolate and other flavors into being vanilla, too. 

“As vanilla, I feel that I am the most natural of the ice creams,” the cone explains, “and therefore, the rest of you should just go ahead and also be vanilla. It’s the one true flavor.” Fortunately, the different cones come to an understanding by the end of the clip because, as Nye explained, “there are lots of flavors to sexuality.”

As lighthearted as it may seem, the video ? which had over 164,000 views as of Thursday morning ? was lampooned by a number of conservative outlets and personalities. On Wednesday, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro posted a video to his official Facebook page criticizing Nye’s analogy, noting, “There is no scientific basis for anything that is in this video... Just on a scientific basis, ice cream does not have genitalia.” 

PJ Media columnist Megan Fox felt similarly. “The message here is clear (and not at all scientific): Christian, straight white people are bigots, racists and not even straight,” she wrote in a Tuesday column. “Bill Nye offers no proof of that, other than a poorly drawn cartoon about debauched ice cream.”

A number of Twitter users echoed Shapiro and Fox’s sentiments. 

 Relax, people. It’s just ice cream. 

 For more ways to combat bigotry, check out the Queer Voices newsletter.

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›  'American Crime' Is A Fine Show, And We Have Absolutely, Positively No Idea Where It's Going

Warning: contains spoilers from previously aired episodes.

ABC’s “American Crime” has added another superlative to its resume this spring.

After a couple of years as one of TV’s most ambitious and best series, it has now also become TV’s strangest.

”American Crime” wraps up its third season Sunday at 10 p.m. ET, though creator John Ridley may need divine intervention this time to tie together everything.

Since the two previous seasons made no effort to resolve every drama, which was fine because real life never resolves everything, we don’t expect a full set of neat bows around season three, either.

But this latest “American Crime” has jumped around so much it could have been subtitled “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof II.”

In season three as in the previous two, “American Crime” tackles big, uncomfortable issues in a way that broadcast networks almost always avoid. It’s been a strong, admirable series, and ABC deserves credit for sticking with it despite modest ratings.

That said, it’s been hard to figure out exactly what this season wants to say.

It started with Mexican immigrant Luis Salazar (Benito Martinez), who was determined to reach the farms of North Carolina and find his teenage son.

On one of those farms we met Isaac Castillo (Richard Cabral), a middle management guy whose job was recruiting new workers with a sucker sales pitch.

One of his recruits was Coy Henson (Connor Jessup), a seemingly homeless American kid with a pill addiction.

Then a fire killed multiple farm workers by trapping them in their overcrowded trailer.

This took us to the family that owned the farm, led by matriarch Laurie Ann Hesby (Cherry Jones) and one of her sons, Carson (Dallas Roberts). They said the fire was a darn shame, but since the trailer was off-site, it wasn?t their problem.

This indifference became a flashpoint for Carson?s wife Jeanette (Felicity Huffman), who decided her life was as empty as Carson?s conscience.

She eventually left him, only to discover that the prospects for a middle-aged woman to create and support an independent life are pretty much zero.

So she moved in with her sister Raelyn (Janel Moloney), whose own husband had recently left and who was also a convicted drug abuser with two very young daughters.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Nicholas Coates (Timothy Hutton) is trying to hang onto the family furniture company, which was once a gold standard and now can barely turn out enough cheap stuff to compete with foreign manufacturers.

Nicholas already was having a chilly time with his wife Claire (Lili Taylor). The new financial pressure helped turn it into a deep freeze, with Nicholas evolving from stressed business owner into a truly vicious ogre.

Claire, for her part, had hired Haitian nanny Gabrielle (Mickaelle X. Bizet) to help care for their young son, partly because Gabrielle speaks only French and thus could teach the boy a second language.

Soon it turns out Gabrielle has serious emotional issues of her own, including an estrangement from her son back in Haiti.

And that in turn connects to another subplot, wherein social worker Kimara Walters (Regina King) desperately wants a child of her, but instead finds herself scrambling to find shelters or homes for lost and runaway children who feel unwanted by anyone.

Mostly we see Kimara trying to help 17-year-old prostitute Shae Reese (Ana Mulvoy-Ten) escape her pimp and accept a life that that?s more boring and less lucrative, but at least not potentially lethal.

The history of “American Crime” tells us that dramas like Shae’s are by no means certain to end in happily ever after, which is one reason the show has been so strong. It acknowledges that in tragic complicated situations, all outcomes are not good.

Most of this season’s dramas, in any case, haven’t ended at all. Last week, with just one episode to go, Ridley was adding more dramatic twists. And more characters.

Each of the issues raised by these dramas is important. As viewers, though, we want to see how they weave together, and this year it feels as if there’s been much less of that.

A season that began with a focus on the brutal lives of immigrant farmworkers a few weeks later spent most of an episode focusing on marital discord in an upper middle class white home.

Scorecard, please.

Now maybe John Ridley, a first-rate talent, has a plan for the final episode that will pull it all together and direct us to the points he wants us to take away.

Even if he does, “American Crime” has set the benchmark for 2016-2017’s most oddly assembled show.

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›  Why Do Celebrities Keep Looking for Employees On Social Media?

By Kenzie Bryant

You?ve heard the horror stories. Man tweets a thing. ?Ha, that?s silly,? he chuckles before hitting send, but, ?Wow, that?s insane,? is the general consensus among everyone else, including the man?s boss. Man loses his job. Or he tweets one thing and doesn?t get the job; or he got the job, but then tweeted and subsequently loses the job he hasn?t started yet. ?Never tweet,? as the axiom goes. It?s served many well, especially when it comes to keeping and/or getting jobs.

But certain celebrities are ushering in a brand-new era of social media-centric hiring. Chrissy Teigen is looking for a new assistant, one who can take out her hair extensions, she announced on Snapchat on Sunday. Jaden Smith was looking for a photographer in Toronto via Twitter last week. Chance the Rapper was looking for an intern, also via Twitter, in late March. They?re saying to forget head hunters. Forget that friend of a friend who?s son is very creative and graduating next month. Forget Monster.com. They?re saying to tweet.

This seems like a tough way for famous people to cull applications. They each have millions of followers. Smith received almost 2,000 replies between his two calls for camera-wielding Torontonians. Chance tweeted two calls for interns and received over 11,500 replies. Teigen was joking and her Snapchat statistics are private, but she almost definitely got a deluge of qualified applicants who know their way around a hair extension.

Is the trend real? Can the people with the largest and most loyal followings really wade through the riffraff, the jokesters, the unqualified to find the candidate of their dreams who is also not a stalker? Vanity Fair emailed each to see how the process is going, but did not hear back prior to publication.

In the last decade, much ado has been made about social media allowing celebrities to bypass old modes of media and talk directly to fans. But celebrities bypassing the hiring process and bringing fans closer to their payroll is a new one. Please, though. If Smith or Chance or Teigen are looking to hire someone to help sort the applications they receive through Twitter, feel free to D.M.

More from Vanity Fair:

The 20 Most Satisfying TV Kisses of All Time

Film's Sexiest Little Black Dresses

Brad Pitt Through the Years

Kate Middleton's Best Looks of 2016

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›  Robert De Niro Is The King Of Snapchat Now. That Is All.

Someone please alert young Kylie Jenner that her reign as Snapchat King has come to an end. We’ll miss the lip kit swatches and endless “finger-mouthing,” but every good ruler needs to appoint a successor.

Enter Robert De Niro.

At the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival this week, Alex Berry, a finalist in the Tribeca Snapchat Shorts, gave the Oscar winner a quick tutorial in all things Snapchat, like sending photos to friends, distorting your face with a puppy tongue and, duh, working the Coachella flower crown.

De Niro seemed hesitant at first, as Berry explained how Snapchats eventually disappear. But even he couldn’t resist the appeal of the app as the duo tried out different filters. To borrow a word, it’s flawless. 

Watch, in a week or two De Niro will have turned into a full-blown millennial, delighting fans by saying, “You talkin’ to me?” as a baby bunny rabbit. 

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Weather for Tokyo, Japan

Current Conditions:
Mostly Cloudy, 2 C

Thu - Partly Cloudy. High: 9 Low: 0
Fri - Showers. High: 6 Low: -1
Sat - AM Clouds/PM Sun. High: 7 Low: -2
Sun - Mostly Cloudy. High: 7 Low: 1
Mon - Light Rain. High: 6 Low: 3

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(provided by The Weather Channel)
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